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Physiotherapy Fees

Our chartered physiotherapy, acupuncture and sports injury treatment appointments last between 30 and 40 minutes.

Usual fees are €60 per physiotherapy or acupuncture session.

Orthotics Fees

Our physiotherapists understand that orthotics are expensive, and will never prescribe them unless absolutely necessary.

Orthotic assessment - €60
Orthotic insoles, custom-made - €250 (approx., including fitting session)
Temporary orthotics (€50-€70)

Reduce your fees…

Encourage your company or sports club to become a member of our Corporate Client List. This entitles members and staff to discounts and special offers.

You can – and should - recover as much as €30 towards the cost of each visit from your medical insurer. All treatments by a chartered physiotherapist are eligible for refund with all major health insurers and many occupational schemes. Please check your policy.

Tax relief is also available on all chartered physiotherapy treatments.
PhysioNow is fully open for all physiotherapy, acupuncture and one-to-one pilates treatments. In-person physiopilates classes resume September 21.

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