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Get Energised - With PhysioNow, Team Ireland & Electric Ireland...

Posted by Colette O'Flynn on April 16 2012 @ 12:53

London 2012: “Get Energised Challenge”

The London 2012 Olympics officially get underway in just over 100 days and Electric Ireland, the Team Ireland sponsor, has been marking the occasion with a special "Get Energised Day" at ESB SportsCo.

PhysioNow's chief physiotherapist, Colette O'Flynn joined London 2012 Olympians Peter O'Leary, David Burrows and Deirdre Ryan (pictured) at a special health and fitness training day in Ringsend.

The Electric Ireland “Get Energised Challenge” is a new initiative for people across Ireland to get “energised” through a series of simple tips from Team Ireland athletes to show how we can all put a little more energy back into our lives.

Amongst the crowd at Sportsco this weekend were the winners of a special Electric Ireland  competition, who got the chance to hear professional tips from physios, nutritionists, sports psychologists and fitness experts. 

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VIDEO: London Olympians Deirdre Ryan, Peter O'Leary & David Burrows work out with PhysioNow's chief physiotherapist, Colette O'Flynn, at ESB Sportsco... 

Just for you - here's six of the best stretching exercises, as prepared by PhysioNow...

Stretching Exercises PhysioNow Colette O'Flynn


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